we4fit for android

This application has the goal to create to its users awareness of what they eat through a game. The user should take a picture of what he eats…



In order not to get crazy with whatever was the main point in my life (work, studies), I use to do this type of collage illustrations motivated by…

music map

music map

An app where you can browse music geographically. First the music styles where translated into a colorcode allowing subgenres to be able to be inbetween colors. Here is…

my city night

brand identity

Identity selection


paralelo 35

Logo and printed material for the brasilian wine handler Paralelo 35  

H2Go Center

one day in 2028

This work is our master thesis, done in the Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd. Based on consumer trends and Analysis of possible future developments we created a method…



Layout for the shop of the danish house textiles brand Södahl in Germany. Relaunch von LifePR.de Relaunch von Pressebox.de is a leading internet PR portal in Germany and…

tetris meets arduino

tetris meets arduino

Result of an Arduino introductory workshop was this game: the classic tetris played with gestural interaction. It turns out to be a real challenge even for the most…



Witwi, from where in the world is… ? is a project done during the Microsoft Research Project 2004 under the theme “Connecting people to people: from close friends…